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Good governance is applied across every operational aspect of our company, from the way we hire people to adherence to local and international regulatory requirements and the handling of data. We do this through the development and deployment of rigorous processes (such as Group-wide HR guidelines) and IT systems, which enable us to track and monitor many parts of the business.

Our tracking technologies include RFID software and GPRS, enable us to enforce quality controls wherever our fleet is, adhere to local laws such as speed limits and monitor fuel consumption and emission levels. These practices are good for the environment, good for local communities and they help Averda to maintain a smooth and efficient operation.

We’re also serious about combating corrupt practices across the Averda Group, which is why we operate a strict zero tolerance policy towards bribery and all other forms of corruption. We have implemented training programmes for colleagues across the company so that we can all recognise what corrupt practices look like and what to do in such circumstances. Our legal counsel is a touch point for employees concerned about these kinds of issues and we are currently in the process of implementing a new intranet-based site called Speak Up, which employees can use to report suspected cases of corruption or bribery.

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