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During our many years of service, we’ve often been called in for emergency last minute issues, including times when other contractors have been unable to complete their schedules.


During our many years of service in Saudi Arabia, we have often been requested to assist in emergencies, including issues related to other contractors being unable to fulfil their contracts. Such a case arose with the Royal Commission in Al Jubail (RCJ) in Saudi Arabia when Averda was called in to complete a job – three months before our formal contract was scheduled to start.


We agreed to get to work immediately, providing the Royal Commission with a fast-track strategy to solve the crisis created by the previous firm. The swift actions of the KSA team resulted in the city streets and residential neighbourhoods of Al Jubail being kept clean by a huge team of labourers, drivers and street sweepers.


After our landfill team were able to begin working ahead of schedule, we began our five-year contract with RCJ – which continues to this day.

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