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Cartoon time in Congo!

Case studies

In 2018, our team in Congo put on their creative thinking caps and came up with a cool new way to communicate to kids the importance of recycling and how to dispose of waste.


Education is at the heart of Averda’s approach to spreading awareness of the importance of waste and environmental management, and the wider issues related to natural resources and climate change. As such, we wanted to try to effect change in a meaningful, sustainable way – and change behaviours. It’s through Education that Averda leaves a sustainable legacy in the communities in which we operate.


We developed a children’s cartoon with two mascot characters – Glad and Vad: a Congolese schoolboy and a blue dog. Our strategy was to gain as much visibility as possible to spread the message of a better path towards handling waste, using garbage cans and recycling far and wide amongst young people across the Congo.

With an increasingly young population, capturing this demographic is essential to both Congo, and Averda’s future.


With almost 200,000 views online, the cartoon became an instant viral hit, and in many communities the characters have now become household names.

The video was played during a tour of primary schools in Brazzaville, Pointe Noire and Oyo, under the Patronage of Ministers and representatives from the municipalities. In total, the Averda representatives visited 42 schools, distributed 12,905 books and welcomed 20,341 attendees.

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