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From one city to the world in 50 years

About us

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Nuts and bolts

Established in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon, a budding young engineer called Maysarah Sukkar created a company called Sukkar Engineering. He loved technology and loved to get his hands dirty. Within only a few years, his business become a major player in the maker of industrial technologies in the country, helping hundreds of growing businesses in the nation he loved, to thrive.

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The 1970’s

Then, during rapid industrialisation in the 1970’s he saw another opportunity to adapt his love of engineering to create technologies that could make his own community a cleaner, nicer place to live. So, he created a new company called Averda. From day one, he put everything he had in to making our world a cleaner, healthier place to be.


Gulf Expansion

In 2008, we moved into the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, into Saudi Arabia. There we set up a recycling infrastructure for KAUST – inspiring people to recycle, then giving them the tools to do it. Our success led to new contracts in Qatar and Oman. In 2010, we expanded into Abu Dhabi where we are moving 14,000 containers of waste away from homes, offices and streets – every day. We’re also rolling out recycling centres and spreading the word to children at school events so that the next generation is even more environmentally savvy than todays.


Hello Africa

In 2012, we went into Morocco – first Nador, then Berkane, then Rabat, and then, Casablanca. In Morocco we clean, collect, sweep, and transform the streets. So far, we’ve collected 2.6 million tons of waste. We’ve kept the cities stunning. In 2012 we grew beyond the Middle East for the first time – to Ireland. A new springboard for a fast-growing company.


Going Global

In 2015, we moved to the Republic of Congo, to Gabon, and to South Africa where we acquired Wasteman – a leading waste management group with more than 35 years’ experience. We then designed, built, and now operate a landfill that can hold 6.5 million cubic metres of hazardous waste. To superlative standards of safety. We’re proud to watch Averda grow worldwide and proud to see the positive imprint we make wherever we grow – country by country.